In this age of further and further specialization, project teams end up with many sub-consultant members and a huge amount of data. It is important that someone keeps track of the multiple data streams and sub-consultant advice. This central organizational role is the responsibility of the architect.

City Architecture Inc. has decades of experience in organizing large, complex teams, and dealing with all of the information from all disciplines resulting from the design process.

City Architecture Inc. is always on the cutting edge of technology, all of our work utilizes the most up to date methodologies and software. Every project from feasibility to architecture and interior design utilizes BIM technology ensuring tight control of quantities and costs, multidisciplinary coordination, and optimized results.

City Architecture Inc. delivers projects in all sectors including commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, mixed-use, sport, education and healthcare.

We set high standards early on and improve our team in every aspect of documentation from 3D renderings to shop drawing approvals.

City Architecture Inc. aims to control all projects for the exterior and interior design. specialized interior designs project include residential, commercial and hospitality designs. The clear modern design languages with concentration to carefully selected quality materials are considered in all projects.

Our studio culture encourages reciprocal exchanges of ideas and open discussions. We nurture talent and ambition within our collaborative practice through empowering our team to take on new responsibilities and providing them with opportunities to grow individually and as a group.

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